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11-05-2017 News: We are currently working to develop a brand-new game development software. We have also developed and are still currently working on a new programming language with the name/title of "DPL", an acronym for The D.O.F.T. Programming Language system. It is designed to be more efficient, safer, less storage consumption on servers, easy to use, and more. It is currently being used on a few websites and is currently in BETA. Our release date is unknown for the time being. We are also developing our DPL game development engine, which is designed to make game development (on/as a web application) much easier, simplistic, and compact. By using one line of code in the DPL (Game Engine), the DPL Game Engine will use multiple types of codes in combination. For example: For "wasd movement", you type in the specified area "wasd" and the program will use several conditional statements to initiate actions based off of the key format set.

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We are a company that develops new programs for the public to use along with entertainment and latest news (Some days this site is not updated with new articles to read.).


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We have discovered a few suspicious errors/links in two of our game pages.

These games were created using a game maker program.

The sources appear to have been "updated" or changed from the game to an advertisement.

For all of our user's safety and protection, we have removed these links/sources from being accessed by the public.

We are currently investigating this issue.

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