1.) Project Content:
 A.1.) The project must be ethical.
 A.2.) The project must NOT discriminate, target, 'demote', 'put down', impact                   negatively, etc. people, places, and things.
 A.3.) The project must be suitable for all ages.
 A.4.) The project must NOT be and/or contain content that is NOT of your own                 creation, UNLESS, and ONLY UNLESS the creator of the content allows,                     agrees, complies with the form submission policies (listed on the form).

2.) Project Ownership, Rights, Licensing:
 B.1.) The project's creator/owner must be prepared to transfer all rights,                        ownership, and licensing of the, and relating to, the project being submitted.
 B.2.) The project must not require payment of any sort to maintain.
 B.3.) The project's ownership, rights, and licensing will not be confirmed/finalized           until D.O.F.T. administration has completed reviewing that project's                         submission form.

3.) Project Services:
 C.1.) If the project relies on services (such as databases, servers, etc.) please                  review the services linked to the project and confirm that the project does              not and will not require payment(s) of any sort.

4.) Project Basis:
 D.1.) The project MUST BE ETHICAL!


1.) Project Requirements:
 A.1.) The project must have the potential to impact the community in any way.


NOTE: The contents of this page contain a partial amount. For more information/requirements, view the form.

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