1-12-2015 News: Happy New Years! New upgrades are coming soon! We will be adding new ways to help you with many things. We are going to create new ways to allow you to create programs and games for others to use.

A new Microsoft game is out on xbox one and pc. It is known as Project Spark. This is a program where you can create and play games. Go to the Project Spark website to download the program.

11-05-14 News: Thanksgiving is coming soon, so get ready to have a feast instead of just a regular dinner! Did you know that Thanksgiving started when pilgrims celebrated after their first harvest, and lasted about three (3) days?   Lets also get ready for Christmas, because it too is coming soon!

10-31-14 News: Happy Halloween!    It may not be Christmas, but today, we have found out that...

Space Engineers is now available at/in: Amazon, Walmart, and more! CLICK HERE to go to the steam site for more info!

10-22-14 News: Ebola!

Ebola seems to have killed over 2,000 people and has been transmitted by close contact and by fluid exposure. Some sources say that Ebola contains E.coli. E.coli is a bacteria that is commonly found in/at warm blooded organisms that seems to be generating the so called Ebloa virus. No positive cure is or has been created. Our theory as for a close cure is, if E.coli is found in warm areas, then E.coli is mostlikely to not be found in cold areas. Therefore, to attempt to stop to bacteria from being generated, (not all virus bacteria will be destroyed!) use something as a cold source that can prevent, new cells from being generated.

September News: Today we noticed that a new game in steam is working its way up to being one of the top 10 PC games in steam. We recommend that if you like first person 3D games that react to most laws of physics, to get SPACE ENGINEERS.

Cost: $20.00 (Standard)

Cost: $50.00 (Other Account type)

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