Privacy Policy

Note: Policy is subject to be changed at any time.

Last Updated: 5/10/2017 3:58:17 P.M.

1.) Website data usage: 

1.A.1.) This site uses cookies to save login accessibility. We will not share your privet information with others.

1.A.2.) On the event of the loss of a user's password or username, we will send the login information to that account's registered email address. On the event of the loss of a user's password or username, if you are unable to provide and confirm the user's account's registered email address, then we shall not send an email with the login information. We shall not be held responsible for the loss of a user's account and/or login information. If the user is accessing this website by a mobile device, some data usages may apply to your data plan.

1.A.3.) Information provided on/by this website may not be used for non-educational or profitable companies. On the event of an educational use, this section does not apply.

1.A.4.) Carrier of cellular and possibly wifi data rates may apply during the use of this site. We do not allow toll free, or any free data usages to allow access to this website.

2.) Website Content:

2.A.1.) This site contains information in the form of text, images, and videos of many different types. Those content are being used in an educational/informational way, and does not violate any copyright laws. We will never sell the content that we have retrieved from other sources. We do have the right to sell, distribute, share, and expose any of our own products/creations that we have designed and/or developed. We do have the right to keep some information hidden from the public's access. Any information and/or creations designed by us that is discovered on other websites without the consent of this company will cause the removal of the content. Our creations are either secured and/or linked by embedded coding, therefore, we have the ability and right to remove the content remotely. We shall not be held responsible for the loss of any information and/or data that is lost/removed from other sources/websites.

3.) Sharing of information:

3.A.1.) Do not share any vital information (login, credit card, etc.) with anyone or on any site/anywhere. If the event of the user's information is shared/distributed, we shall not be held responsible for any events, actions, and/or any other possibilities that may occur. 

4.) Exploiting:

4.A.1.) We shall not exploit anything from any of our users. This is includes/involves credit card information, login information, location, visual and audio of a user, computer spec's, user's time zone, etc. We shall not be held responsible for any event that may cause any harm to the user and/or the user's device if the user him/her self has posted or shared any of the subjects listed above. In the event that a user's information was exploited and posted/shared on the internet, we (D.O.F.T.) will see to it that we shall fix the SOURCE of the problem. We cannot remove any information that was/is/has been exploited that was posted/shared on other websites.

5.) File sharing and uploading:

5.A.1.) The user may use the file uploader at their own risk. The user may use the download links and buttons at their own risk. We shall not be held responsible for the harm of the user or device if the file uploader and/or file downloader are used by the user him/her self.

6.) Website development:

6.A.1.) This website is currently under a beta/development stage. we cannot be held responsible for any problems users experience while using this site. Use at your own risk.

7.) Game/Online Content:

7.A.1.) Some of our games/online content uses information such as usernames, names, dates, times, etc. This feature is to allow administrators to monitor visitors/users that might have changed and/or violated our policies. This feature is also used for improving our programs' stability and their features. The information collected and stored in the "cloud" are intended for administrator uses only, however, it can be accessed by other users by "hacking" and/or by entering an admin command. We will not be held liable for any leaked information of any sort when you (the user) are using our content. However, we will not sell or "give out" any of the information collected to others (within the exceptions of authorized/higher authorities, such as police, FBI, and other government agencies.). By using our content, you hereby agree and understand the policies stated.

8.) Online Transactions:

8.A.1.) We will not be held responsible for any lost currency/credit that you (the user) experience in any way. We will not sell or exploit any financial information to anyone without proper authorization.

9.) Copyright And Licensing Information:

9.A.1.) Note: That all content that was created, developed, owned, etc. by D.O.F.T. is automatically considered copyright material. Any use, reuse, and/or infringement of any content that is on this website that has been created, developed, owned, etc. by D.O.F.T. is unlawful and can result in a lawsuit. (If you are unsure of the copyright laws, please check the online government document explaining this.) To use any of our content, creations, etc. you are required to have authorization by a D.O.F.T. administrator. All content is logged on/in our database and/or on/under/above/left side/right side/embedded/in the code/source... for legal purposes.

9.A.2.) If you are using any of our content,creations,etc. for educational use ONLY (not making a profit), please follow these steps: 1.) Make sure that it is our content! 2.) Make sure that the content that you want to use is not being sold, distributed, and/or restricted to the public access. 3.) DO NOT use the "desired" content used for education and then changing it into a profitable method (Do not change the purpose of use from educational ONLY to profits). 4.) If we discover that you have not followed these rules/steps, we are able to legally request that your content would be taken down/removed from the website/source.

10.) Cookie Policy:

10.A.1.) This site does use cookies to save data/information. Some of our programs require the use of many cookies being saved on to your browser. However, (in some of our programs) we offer the option to remove those cookies without having to navigate to your browser's cookies settings.
In the event that you do want to remove those cookies, but our program does not clearly offer the option to remove them, you can simply go to your browser's settings, and in the search bar, search "Cookies", and there should be an option to remove "site data" (Chrome) or remove cookies.

10.A.2.) Some of our programs may have "long term" saved data. This means that some of the cookies saved on your computer won't expire until/over one year. Please note that all of the cookies that are saved on your browser from our programs are set to expire at a point in time. We create long term saves to improve user experience(s). We may also use cookies to save other data such as bans and more.

11.) Internet Protocol:

11.A.1.) Please note that we do however retrieve user IP address's for security reasons. We will not use this information to endanger, frighten, threaten, etc. our users. We do however use a user's IP address to confirm that the user is authorized to use our programs/products. In some of our projects/programs/products, we offer the ability for users to display their OWN IP address. Also, please note that we focus mostly on our program's security measures.

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