Project: Virtma

  - Project: Virtma is a new online artificial intelligence program currently in development. It's purpose is to assist the user. At it's final phase, the program will be capable of responding to a user's textual comments/responses submitted.

  - Project: Virtma will respond to a user's response with a systematical method we call "Sentence Composer", which means that the program will generate sentences out of pre-defined/pre-set/pre-programmed words. For example, if you were to respond to the question "How are you?", and you respond to it with either a "good" or "bad" (In our programs, we use key words to distinguish the user's point and to make things easier for us and you to respond and get a response from the program... In other words, basically an internal Google Search), the program will generate a sentence structure, randomly generated. This uses JavaScript features such as "Arrays" to supply the program with a list of pre-programmed words. Then the words in the array (Basically a list of words) are identified as numerical values (Like a task list with numbers listing the tasks needed to be done), where those identification values/numbers can then be called upon when the program uses randomization (In other words, it makes up a number and uses that number to pick words.).

  - The project is planned to be in a one (1) year developmental stage where public access will be restricted if not limited. The duration of this project's developmental stage is based on upcoming events. The development time for other similar projects were estimated at three (3) months in the developmental stage before being released to the public.


  - Sentence compiler/composer: As stated above, this feature allows the program to develop/compose it's own sentences out of pre-programmed words.

  - Pixel Decryption: This feature, in theory, is to allow the program to separate an image pixel-by-pixel, examine the color of the pixel, identify key components within the image, and supply a response, comment, and/or feedback to/for/about the image.

  - Image Creation: This feature, in theory, is to allow the program to create an image based on stored information, data, recent conversations, etc. and create a brand new image/artwork without plagiarism, copying, etc. but solely on inspiration of other things the program has been subjected/exposed to. This idea was inspired by a video game known as "Detroit: Become Human".

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