Note: The Terms Of Service is subject to be changed at any time.

Last Updated: 3/9/2017 6:36:00 P.M.

1.) Our Services/Restrictions:

1.B.1.) Copyright content: We offer information and education to the public. We may have certain information and/or media information/elements on this website. Some of these "items" are copyrighted. This site contains most of these copyrighted items for educational uses, although some items have/will be authorized by the creator/designer/developer/etc. If you contain any of our "items," you must have the copyright authorization by the creator them self. If you are discovered violating the copyright, subject is to pay the fine given. This site does not violate any copyright laws as the site uses the "items" as information and/or education. We do not profit from any of the "items" that this site may contain.

1.B.2.) Site owned content: We offer content that we have designed to the public. We have the control over our creations. This means that we are capable of deleting our creations across the internet. All of our creations are linked with an embed code which allows us to constantly update/modify/remove/etc. data/content from the programs/creations. If you are discovered with one of our creations on your site without the consent of the D.O.F.T. administration, the program/creation will be remotely removed on the internet, causing all sites with authorization to lose the program. We will also be working on additional features/improvements on our creations/programs and/or website(s).

1.B.3.) Content authorization: You/The company must have authorization to contain/use any of our own content on their website.

1.B.4.) Acquiring Authorization: To acquire authorization, you must contact us with subject/title as shown: "Content Authorization Request". In the message, you must provide site information, company information, legal information, website url/link, copyright information (date copyright was applied and date of expiration), contact information, and site security. We shall review the information and view the site/company to confirm information. In addition, we will examine the website thoroughly to confirm requirements to gain authorization. Reviewing the site and information will take a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of 30 days. If we have verified data, we will send you a link, indicating your verification. We will have your site's/company's name in the program/creation. 

1.B.5.) Terms of use: A company with authorization must agree to the following above and below. The company must not claim our creations/programs their own in any way. The company does not have authority to sell any products/creations/programs to anyone/anything. In the event that our creations/programs/projects/products are discovered on another site, that program will be remotely removed from all sources/websites. If this event does occur, we shall not be held responsible for the loss or harm of any data on the company's property that was saved within the program/product/project. In the even that this does occur, we will attempt to remake the program/product/project. We do not expect the full recovery of the program/project/product, in the event that the recovery fails, please resend an authorization request and we will verify you. The company must also not modify the program's/project's/product's original coding into a different "item". To gain access to modify a program's/product's/project's, request an additional authorization to us titled: "Application Modification Request" and we will review your request. In the message, you must provide information of what you are going to change on the project/product/program, what you intend to do with it, what your company's name is, company website/url, and contact information. We will review and confirm the information you provided.

1.B.6.) Website Copyright: According to law, any content uploaded, posted, etc. is automatically copyrighted by law! To explain, copyrighting content is just applying a file to records that state/claim that a user/person is/has created the content him/her self and/or that he/she owns ALL rights to the specified content. Unless stated otherwise (Such as creative commons), these rights apply to all content on the internet/cyberverse. All content on this website is recorded with the content's names', date of upload/post/etc., ownership, and more.

1.B.7.) Monetization: Since monetizing media content is highly requested, we will allow monetization UNDER our monetization policy/terms. If any and/or all terms are/is violated, we will request that your media content would be removed, modified, request funds to be transfered to us, etc. The terms: Do not use content from this website to be used for inappropriate content, do not preform inappropriate behavior(s) while/during the recoding/displayment of this website and it's content in any parts of the video (do not display this website and it's content on the video at any point if inappropriate behavior(s) is the video or if inappropriate content is with the combination of this website and it's content in the video!), and more. Since there are always actions that are done and recorded by people, we will also ask for the user or the content owner to respond to the "requests" shown above if we find your content offensive, disturbing, etc. to us in any way. Subject to following these terms, we allow full monetization unless stated otherwise!

2.) Online Content:

2.B.1.) As we do provide online content available to the public, we do have policies that restrict us and you (the user) from committing/violating our policies/agreements/terms. Online content is referring to all D.O.F.T. created content. In some of our online "products", we provide our administrators access to information that is not visible to the public, however, we cannot control who sees this information if that user has access to administrator command codes and/or knowledge to accessing "restricted" information within our programs (For more information about your privacy, please refer to the "Privacy Policies" page). By using our online content, you (the user) agree that you have read the Terms and Privacy Policies that can be easily accessed from the Home page of this website, and understand these policies and that D.O.F.T. will not be held liable for any "leaked information".

3.) Online Transactions:

3.B.1.) As we do/will (as of 1/30/2017) provide purchasable content to our users, we will not use un-secure methods of payment for our users to submit currency, credit, and other forms of finance. If we are unable to apply/resolve certain errors with accessing payment and payment problem, we would apply a custom payment method. We do intend to use "Paypal" as a secure payment method, however, if "Paypal" is unavailable and/or there is a problem with a purchase, we will use another method of payment. We require the user to submit applicable and correct information for "payout". If a user submits incorrect/in-applicable information owned by a different person, we will not be held liable for the transaction that was made. We will not be held liable for any loss of currency/credit. If you require assistance, we will attempt to assist you with your situation.

3.B.2.) Returns will not be provided for certain online products that were made using "Scratch". If you (the user) have purchased a physical disk/flash drive containing one of our products, we will have to consider your refund as some of our products could be "carbon copied". When a product is authorized for a return, you (the user) are required to repackage the product and mail it back to the return address. Once we have received the product, we will confirm the product(s) returned to us. Once the product has been confirmed, we will refund you (the user) the amount paid with a 10% restocking fee (NOTE: You (the user) are required to pay for the shipping and handling). We will also accept refunds with in two (2) weeks upon arrival in addition to the information stated above.

3.B.3.) If a product has been lost in shipping, we will either allow you (the user) to request a refund or another copy (if desired product is in stock) of the product purchased. This can be allowed only if the you (the user) has not received the package/product two (2) weeks after the estimated date of arrival. If you (the user) have not received the product(s) after two (2) weeks of the estimated date of arrival, you (the user) are encouraged to contact us in order to request a refund or a replacement of/for the desired product(s).

3.B.4.) We will not be held liable for any damaged, lost, misplaced, missing, and costs (within the exceptions stated in 3.B.2. and 3.B.3. above). You (the user) hereby agree that you have read and understood that it is under your responsibility to care for the product(s) purchased. 

4.) Services:

4.B.1.) We have the right to refuse service when deemed necessary.

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